Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another New Year.....

Another New year.

Now, I  have come back to Thrissur,  after a  'karakkam' of two years.

Returned to almost my "track".  Happy and relaxed. At any time I feel so, I can go back to my sit-out, have that serence breeze and music of  the sparrows, sitting  in my favourite place. Of course, I am happy.  When I left this place, two years back, I never thought that I can come  back.

Then, life in Thrissur. In my flat. Here, the life is in another way.  Never I feel alone here. My mornings are beautiful.  I will go for a walk,   in the stadium, circling the Ramanilayam,  poorapparambu,  the small village like roads, alone,only my thoughts to accompany me. I am having   here Lalitha chechi,  Radhika, Nandu, etc.etc.  . Sometimes, liji asks me  for a packet of milk, if she is having some guests.  Always she gives me pickle,  as she is having an expert cook as her maid. I am the main supplier of "kariveppila" here.

Sahithya akademy, Regional theatre, Town hall, Public Library, everything around  here, in only a few minutes walk. Every day, there w ill be   some cultural programmes, drama, painting exhibition, etc.etc., which I can go, if  I feel so. But the fact is that  I never go. 

No much problems, no much worries.

Sitting in my favourite place in the world,  sit-out of my village house, I am writing these words.

wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, though a little late.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A bunch of roses.....

Another New Year.

As usual, my annual post. This year I didn't forget as last year. Though there is not much to write, I am not breaking that routine, one post every new year day and no other post in the whole year. Interesting. Isn't it?

Today's morning walk is over. My mind is calm.

Sitting alone in the cool dark shaded corner of the park, I was recollecting the happenings of the last 12 months.. One whole year has passed without him. My life has changed much.

Never in my dreams I had thought of living in a place than my small village.
But see, I was in two metropolitan cities this year itself. The first three months of the year in Kerala, the next 4 months in Chennai, and the last 5 months here in Bangalore. Life everywhere is the same with happiness, worries, tensions...

Not like Chennai, I am happy here.

As my daughter says, "amma will get some aged friends wherever you go", in my village, though it was Seethamani akka, in Trichur, it was Devi chechi, and now here it is Raji (though there is no akka or maami, she is 65 years).

She will be there in the park even before I start my walking. Very slowly she completes 5 or six rounds, and will wait for me. We will sit there in the shade under the tree for some time and talk. I will only be a mere listener. Actually what she wants is the same, somebody to open up her mind. Some days suddenly she will ask me why can't we today eat our breakfast out. We will have one onion dosa and vada from the Dosa Kadai. I am happy that I could give her a little happiness.

Life goes smoothly without much problems. My mind is so relaxed, calm and serene, without much tensions, without any big expectations, and looking forward to the days to come.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

No looking back .......

Used to come here atleast once in a year i.e the first day of every year. This was the routine for the last 3 years.

To be frank, I even forgot that I am having a blog here where I used to visit annually, as Maveli comes to visit us once in a year.

Even if I did not forget that, nothing much would have happened. My mind is empty, I have nothing to pen down. Even in my Malayalam blog where I used to post 4/5 posts a month, I have published only 7 posts in 7 months

In my last post on 1.1.2010 I had said that I feel relaxed and happy, there are plenty of colourful flowers in my garden, sparrows are making their nests in my plants and that my days are colourful.....

Now everything has changed. No flowers, no garden. I am alone and alone. Even in this loneliness, I try to find out new friends and new colours to life. I am not sure how much I can succeed. I have some little plants in my balcony and one or two "ampala pravukal" coming. I have to make my days colourful in one way or other. Now I get more time to read, and hence I am a regular visitor of Public Library, Thrissur. I am also engaged in some charity acitivities, details of which I can't disclose.

I am not going to be in dark, since I have to go "miles and miles to go before I sleep" and a lot of things are there for me to shoulder. I know what fate brought for me is irreparable and a loss for ever. But I am awaiting for some more good, days which I will try to make as colourful.

As Devi chechi advised - don't spend your time crying, looking back the good old days, but do wait for the coming days and make them GOOD. Look down the people who are less fortunate or more miserable.

I am not going to look back and worry, but I am awaiting for the coming days.....

A view from my balcony - ഒരു സന്ധ്യ കൂടി വിട വാങ്ങുന്നു.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Once in a blue moon........

Another New Year.

Three years of blogging and 3 posts. Quite interesting. Isn't it? Then how can I find another title more suitable than this? The last post here was on 1st January 2009. Exactly one year.
Now,regarding Blue Moon -
Usually, there will be 12 full moons a year i..e one full moon a month. But, yesterday, it was the 2nd full moon of the month and 13th full moon of the year. It happens at an interval of 2-3 or 3-4 years. We may have got the "once in a blue moon" phrase from this.

Several times thought of up-dating this blog. But the only reason I can attribute for not doing that is my laziness.

Now, looking back, how was the year 2009 for me? I think it was quite okay. No untoward incidents, nothing to be mentioned so specific, happened.

I feel happy and relaxd in this New Year morning. Some of my friends came and wished me, the others, over phone/by messages. Now, while sitting in my sit-out, I can see my garden with plenty of colours and full of flowers in different kinds and varieties. There is a cool breeze.

Two little sparrows are making their nest in one of my pots with hanging plants. One is sitting inside the pot and busily engaged in making the house, while the other one flies away and coming back with some dry leaves, small dry sticks, etc., materials for the house construction. May be they are preparing for their honey-moon :)

Thoug I am of the opinion that there is no need of taking New Year resolutiopns, and why we are waiting for the New Year to come for implementing any good decisions, this time I have taken a resolution, which I will reveal later, of course if I could stick on to that.

Thus, I have started my New Year in a relaxed,happy mood. I hope
that I could maintain this state of mind always.