Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another New Year.....

Another New year.

Now, I  have come back to Thrissur,  after a  'karakkam' of two years.

Returned to almost my "track".  Happy and relaxed. At any time I feel so, I can go back to my sit-out, have that serence breeze and music of  the sparrows, sitting  in my favourite place. Of course, I am happy.  When I left this place, two years back, I never thought that I can come  back.

Then, life in Thrissur. In my flat. Here, the life is in another way.  Never I feel alone here. My mornings are beautiful.  I will go for a walk,   in the stadium, circling the Ramanilayam,  poorapparambu,  the small village like roads, alone,only my thoughts to accompany me. I am having   here Lalitha chechi,  Radhika, Nandu, etc.etc.  . Sometimes, liji asks me  for a packet of milk, if she is having some guests.  Always she gives me pickle,  as she is having an expert cook as her maid. I am the main supplier of "kariveppila" here.

Sahithya akademy, Regional theatre, Town hall, Public Library, everything around  here, in only a few minutes walk. Every day, there w ill be   some cultural programmes, drama, painting exhibition, etc.etc., which I can go, if  I feel so. But the fact is that  I never go. 

No much problems, no much worries.

Sitting in my favourite place in the world,  sit-out of my village house, I am writing these words.

wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, though a little late.



Typist | എഴുത്തുകാരി said...

January is almost over, and now I am wishing Happy New Year. A little late. Actually this was written even before New Year. But didn't post...

നിസാരന്‍ .. said...

My memories strings always in tune with dear thrissur. Happy to read an article about my own cultural capital

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Anonymous said...

2014-il puthiya post illallo ?